Forget the dusty crisis folder with outdated phone lists.

With the help of CRISIS NAVIGATOR, you can now manage crisis situations holistically and virtually using just your laptop, tablet or phone.

CRISIS NAVIGATOR is a cloud-based crisis management application with a simple interface that works on all platforms, from smartphone and tablet to PC. It gives you access to your crisis plan, escalation procedures, alerting functions, statements and more. It also features rapid, simultaneous communication within your Crisis Management Team, whether working from home, office or any other remote location.

Would you like to discover how CRISIS NAVIGATOR could help your organisation?

We all hope it will never happen. But what if it does?

Covid has taught us many things about our organisations, our people, our stakeholders and our crisis preparedness. Perhaps you work for one of the 95% of organisations whose crisis planning needs improvement?

Your organisation has likely been through notable crises. These challenges, plus the wake-up call of a global pandemic, have made you realise that a more formalised, robust, accessible approach is needed.

Excellent communication is essential to any crisis response and CRISIS NAVIGATOR ensures that your team members can take fast and effective action to deliver a solution. Built by crisis communications experts, CRISIS NAVIGATOR will help your team to launch a coordinated response to any emerging issue in line with your established policies and procedures.

Our technology partner is certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27015 and 27018 – internationally recognised standards for quality assurance, information security and sustainability. They offer a guaranteed system uptime of 99.95 percent, due to backup internet and electricity supplies, 24/7 monitoring and robust cybersecurity protocols.

Assemble your team in seconds

CRISIS NAVIGATOR enables you to alert your entire Crisis Management Team at the push of a button, setting your carefully laid plans in motion. Everyone immediately knows the severity of the emerging situation and where to meet.

Co-ordinate your response

CRISIS NAVIGATOR supports secure messaging between members of the Crisis Management Team which are logged for your post-crisis review. Tasks can be clearly and efficiently assigned to specific team members, ensuring that everyone knows who’s doing what.

Manage your documentation

CRISIS NAVIGATOR serves as a unified repository for your crisis plan, checklists and materials generated as part of your response, such as statements, communications plans and Q&As. Your whole Crisis Management Team has uninterrupted access to the latest version of these critical documents.

Be secure from start to finish

CRISIS NAVIGATOR uses SSL encryption for all data transfer, supports two-factor authentication for enhanced security and compliance with data protection legislation is assured. The intuitive cloud-based tool can be accessed from any web browser, via any PC, tablet or phone, anywhere in the world.

Developed by communicators for communicators, CRISIS NAVIGATOR is built on decades of crisis management experience and an understanding of the information that teams need to have at their fingertips. This secure and user-friendly tool is available wherever you go and can convene your crisis response team at the push of a button, setting your response plan in motion. 

CRISIS NAVIGATOR from TALA is helping organisations of all sizes effectively manage both minor incidents and major crises through coordinated crisis communications

Secure Messaging

Quickly share sensitive information with the whole team


Send alarm signals via text message and email

Document Storage

A single repository for crisis documentation, such as crisis plans and checklists


Automatic summaries of communications to assist with auditing

Task Delegation

Efficiently assign tasks to specific members of the crisis team


Function for closed crises and response review

All subscriptions can accommodate an unlimited number of users and your team will receive a comprehensive onboarding process including a workshop on effective uses of CRISIS NAVIGATOR. By arrangement, TALA‘s expert consultants can be available around the clock to support your team deliver your crisis response plan.

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